Know Your Credit Risk

How to ensure adequate control over Credit Risk?

We have developed proprietary corporate PD and LGD credit risk assessment models which cover every industry and provides risk analysis from (macro) country risk & industry risk to company-specific (micro) internal risk assessments in real time (Basel IRB). Package includes IFRS 9 Calculator.

Service Includes

1.  Fully Transparent Models
2.  Unlimited Usage
3.  Annual Update
4.  Technical Support
5.  Workflow with a Smart Reporting Dashboard

Complete transparency and control

  • Glass box, not a black box – you know where the risk is, hence easy to use for stress testing, back testing and validating existing systems and processes.
  • Single source data - greater accuracy, reduced volatility.
  • Benchmarked to ratings generated by major rating agencies – gives you confidence, saves you a fortune.
  • Follow-on support - at no extra charge

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