Identify, Measure and Anticipate your underlying risk, integrated with the climate change risk exposures.


We help on assessing credit risk of the company

Services We Provide

  • Credit Risk Rating Models

    The platform tools range from highly flexible to transparent credit risk management PD, LGD and IFRS9 models accessible via RiskE Platform.

  • Learning Workshops

    We provide a range of risk management training workshops across all aspects.

  • Modelling

    We have significant experience in successfully developing and implementing credit risk assessment solutions for SME sectors for the UK and other countries

  • Validation Services

    We provide a range of validation services that complement and enhance an institution’s in-house validation function.

  • Credit Data Consortium

    We have experience in successfully managing various data consortia, which continue to bring significant value to their members as a direct result of our capabilities and our approach

  • Risk Rating Workflow

    The Platform Risk Rating Workflow designed to support a credit risk management process with complete bulk upload of all entries by Analysts in Excel, CSV, PDF and other files

  • E-Reporting Portal – Executive Dashboard

    Consolidated and Organised Reports for Senior Managers at their Fingertips

About Us

Risk-Enterprise (REL) is a risk analytics firm with proven subject matter expertise. We offer our solutions via innovative SaaS Platforms. The Platform models provide highly flexible and transparent credit risk management tools with end-to-end workflow, assessing the PD (probability of default) rating of a company, project, or transactions, providing LGD (loss given default) estimate and ECL (expected credit loss) estimate (lifetime/12month). Platform models service credit sensitive-institutions and institutional investors around the world by assessing their risk exposures.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have always played an essential role within credit and insurance assessment and represented integral components of any such analysis. As a public, corporate, and governmental awareness of broader climate-related issues has grown, ESG and climate-related issues have become ever more prominent. As a result, our clients’ needs have expanded well beyond guidance and advice on evaluating and quantifying climate-related (and ESG) risk for specific insurance or lending transactions.

Risk-Enterprise has proactively responded to those needs. As a result, we are appropriately positioned to recognize lenders ‘ challenges and opportunities by monitoring and analyzing developments, trends, goals, and attitudes in the ESG space and then combining that with our knowledge and experience in credit, insurance, and operations. Our climate-related advisory and validation services assist our clients in navigating the turbulent seas of climate-related risk and avoiding the hazards of that journey with confidence.

Clients' Testimonials

  • During our cooperation, Risk-Enterprise Limited has established itself as a reliable and responsible business partner, representing a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of banking risks.
    I would like to especially commend the high efficiency and quality of the services provided, which, to a large extent, take into account the specifics of the Russian banking system.
    The methodology and scoring modules of Risk-Enterprise Limited, which are constantly being improved, allow calculations to be made both using stationary models and online via the Risk-E interface.
    Moscow Industrial Bank, being a universal credit organization, is focused mainly on working with enterprises of the real sector of the economy. Interaction with Risk-Enterprise Limited allows the Bank to closely comply with regulatory requirements, as well as new international standards.
    Considering the positive experience of collaboration, we are looking forward to future beneficial cooperation with our partners.

    Head of Risk Management Department of Tier 2 Bank
  • За время нашего сотрудничества компания Risk-Enterprise Limited зарекомендовала себя надежным и ответственным бизнес – партнером, представляющим из себя команду высококвалифицированных профессионалов имеющих богатый опыт работы в области банковских рисков.
    Хочется особо отметить высокую оперативность и качество предоставляемых услуг, которые, в достаточно большой степени учитывают специфику российской банковской системы.
    Методология и расчетные модули компании Risk-Enterprise Limited, которые постоянно совершенствуются, позволяют производить расчеты, как с использованием стационарных моделей, так и в режиме онлайн через ВЭБ-интерфейс CRM.
    Московский Индустриальный банк, являясь универсальной кредитной организацией, ориентирован в основном на работу с предприятиями реального сектора экономики. Взаимодействие с компанией Risk-Enterprise Limited позволяет Банку в большей мере соответствовать требованиям регулятора, а также новым международным стандартам.
    Учитывая положительный опыт совместной работы, надеемся на дальнейшее взаимовыгодное сотрудничество с нашими коллегами.

    Руководитель Службы управления рисками Tier 2 Bank