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The financial markets are changing rapidly, so is risk management.

Financial markets are evolving in ways which present critically important challenges to traditional banking institutions.

The disruptions to legacy banking business models arising from challenger banks, fintech innovation and COVID-19 raise questions of both resilience and agility. 

Challenger banks have teamed up with innovative technologies to quickly break the traditional balance of power within financial services.  The speed of product development which has been enabled through innovation building blocks, cloud services and rapid deployment poses a fundamental threat to profit margins in traditional banking.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a major resilience challenge to all financial institutions. Those firms more advanced in their digital innovation have been better placed to weather this storm.

Amongst these challenges to traditional banks, risk management is at the forefront.

For Chief Risk Officers, the only way to compete with these threats is to take a practical and innovate approach to Enterprise Risk Management.

The partnership of Risk-Enterprise and InteDelta combines leading risk management consulting expertise with new technology to help CRO’s innovate and transform their Enterprise Risk Management organisation.

What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?

  • A plan-based business approach that seeks to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers that could interfere with an organization's operations and objectives
  • It involves planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the activities of an organization to minimize the effects of risk on capital, earnings and other goals by identifying and prioritizing critical business processes and their related risks.
  • ERM supports the better structure, reporting, and analysis of risks with effective reporting - improving the focus of senior management and the Board by providing data that enables better risk mitigation decisions
  • A practical, integrated ERM program also helps identify and take action on risks that may already be affecting the achievement of its core strategic objectives.

Long-standing partners in the market Risk-Enterprise and InteDelta joined forces to design Enterprise Risk Management solutions for their clients.

Risk-Enterprise's risk analysis technology and InteDelta's management consulting capabilities provide a full suite of Enterprise Risk Management services.

Risk-Enterprise is a leading credit risk analytics firm. We offer our solutions via our innovative technology platform. The platform provides highly flexible and transparent credit risk management tools with end-to-end workflow and an e-reporting executive dashboard for Senior Managers.

InteDelta helps financial institutions to transform their risk management capabilities.  Combining a structured consulting approach with market leading subject matter expertise, we work with a global client base to implement risk management best practice.

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